Installing a new HVAC system, replacing an existing one, or running ductwork to a new room addition isn’t always an option, nor is it always necessary. If you need a simpler, more affordable option for a single room that doesn’t require running ductwork, a mini-split AC unit may be the perfect solution.

An Upgraded and Modernized Window Unit, but Better!

Mini-splits are individual units, designed to provide climate control to one room or a small section of rooms. You can think of a mini-split unit as the modern and upgraded version of the window unit, with upgraded features. Mini-splits are much quieter, far less obtrusive, and more efficient than window units. Best of all, they do not leave a gaping square hole in your house. These units are attached to your wall and have two small pipes that run to the outside unit.

Customers often choose a mini-split unit to heat and cool a small garage apartment, guest house, or room add-on. Additionally, some rooms do not have direct access to a vent and never seem to get cold or warm enough. Instead of running new ductwork, some customers choose to install a mini-split unit.

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